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Sanity Schema Markup Plugin

Schema Markup plugin for Sanity, finally!


We're excited to announce the release of a new tool in our digital toolkit: the @operationnation/sanity-plugin-schema-markup, now available on GitHub and This plugin offers a straightforward and efficient way to add Schema Markup to your websites through Sanity Studio.

What is the Sanity Plugin Schema Markup?

This plugin is a practical tool designed for Sanity Studio v3, facilitating the generation of Schema Markup or structured data. It's tailored to make your content more search engine-friendly by enhancing its structured data.

Why We Built This Plugin:

As an SEO agency and official Sanity Agency Partner, we noticed a lack of tools for easily generating Schema Markup in the Sanity platform. Recognizing this gap, we developed this plugin to streamline the process for content creators and contribute to the Sanity community.

Key Features:

  • Schema Markup Generation: Generate schema markup for a variety of content types such as articles, recipes, and reviews.
  • Seamless Sanity Studio Integration: Incorporate schema markup generation directly into your content creation process in Sanity Studio.
  • Dynamic Schema Markup: Customize your structured data with dynamic schema markup capabilities.
  • React Component Integration: Use the <SchemaScript /> component to implement JSON-LD scripts in web pages.

How to Install and Use the Plugin:

1. Installation: Install the plugin via npm: npm install @operationnation/sanity-plugin-schema-markup.
2. Usage in Sanity Studio: Add the plugin in sanity.config.ts or .js and include the schemaMarkup field in your Sanity documents.
3. Front-end Usage with React: Employ a shared SchemaMarkup component in your React app to utilize schema data from Sanity queries in your pages.
4. Customization (Optional): For specific schema needs, the plugin supports the dynamic creation of schema markup scripts.


We are excited to see use of the plugin and see what features might be improved. We encourage you to try it out, integrate it into your projects, and share your feedback. If you notice a schema you really want that is missing, feel free to open an issue on Github or create a PR and contribute.

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