SEO Case Study for Organic Growth

Achieving 566% Organic Growth: A Case Study

This case study explores a successful journey of achieving a staggering 566% growth in organic traffic and a significant increase in conversions for a client by employing a comprehensive SEO and content strategy.


Achieving a 566% increase in organic traffic and a notable rise in conversions was made possible through a detailed action plan comprising an SEO audit, website redesign, and a targeted content and SEO strategy. This case study highlights the importance of content relevance, internal linking, and strategic link building in driving organic growth. The sustained success over the years demonstrates the long-term viability of the approach, with adaptability to new industries like Web3, Crypto, and SaaS.

Boosting organic traffic isn't easy in today's crowded online world. But with a solid SEO and content strategy, it's definitely achievable and can lead to big wins in any industry.

In this article, we will take you through a case study where we massively increased a client's organic traffic and conversions. We'll also show how these tactics can work for cutting-edge areas like Web3, Crypto, and SaaS.

The Strategic Framework: A Detailed Action Plan

Our journey started with an in-depth analysis of the client's existing organic performance. The initial phase involved a comprehensive SEO audit, utilizing an arsenal of tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Sitebulb, Lighthouse and ScreamingFrog. This audit illuminated several key issues, including keyword cannibalization, slow page loads, and a sporadic publishing schedule, all of which were hampering the site's SEO potential.

Here's how we tackled these challenges:

  • Foundation and Strategy Development (Weeks 1-2): The SEO audit findings functioned as the foundation of a robust SEO strategy, emphasizing content relevance and internal linking. The revelation of technical setbacks on the existing site led to the decision to construct a new website using the Oxygen Builder on WordPress, known for its fast loading times (an important SEO and UX factor).
  • Content and SEO Strategy Implementation (Weeks 3-4): Simultaneously with the website redesign, we started our keyword research and content planning. A content calendar was created in Notion, outlining the next six months of bi-weekly articles, complete with SEO targets and content outlines.
  • Pre-launch Content Production: Even before the website's official launch, we began producing articles. This proactive approach ensured a backlog of content, ready to go live, facilitating a seamless transition and maintaining a consistent content flow.

Adopting a content clustering approach, we ensured that articles were targeting the right keywords and were interlinked. This created a cohesive web of content that not only boosted SEO but also improved user navigation and made keyword cannibalization a thing of the past. This strategic internal linking funneled readers toward the service pages, subtly converting them from casual browsers to potential clients.

Measurable Success: A Leap in Organic Traffic and Conversions

The results of this comprehensive strategy were nothing short of remarkable. From an initial 600 monthly visitors in October 2020, the site's traffic swelled to 4,000 by July 2021—an impressive 566% increase in organic visitors! This surge was not just a numerical triumph but also translated into tangible business outcomes, with the client experiencing a notable increase in conversions.

From December 2020, conversions skyrocketed from 4 form requests per month to 15 phone calls, 20 DMs (WhatsApp), and 7 contact form submissions monthly—a testament to the strategy's effectiveness in not just attracting visitors but converting them into engaged customers. All with just a new website and two articles a month. It can be that simple with the right strategy in place!

results of our SEO efforts for one of our clients

Sustained Growth and Continued Success

Fast forward to 2024, and the momentum has not only been maintained but has accelerated. The latest metrics showcase an even more impressive level of engagement, with the client receiving 42 DMs, 36 phone calls, and 10 form submissions in a single month. This sustained success underscores the long-term viability and impact of the implemented SEO and content strategy, further solidifying its value across various industries.

Strategic Evolution for New Industries

As we pivot towards Web3, Crypto, and SaaS sectors, the foundational elements of our proven strategy remain constant. However, the emphasis shifts slightly towards external link building, crucial for establishing the trust and authority these industries demand. This nuanced approach underscores the adaptability of our SEO and content strategy, affirming its efficacy across diverse sectors.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for the Future

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of a well-executed SEO strategy, demonstrating that with the right approach, achieving exponential organic growth and a surge in conversions is within reach.

As we look towards applying these strategies with our clients in Web3 and B2B SaaS, it’s clear that the principles of thorough analysis, strategic content creation, and robust link building stand as the pillars of any successful SEO campaign.

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